I have been an artist for my entire life. Getting the opportunity to do an artist residency in the dunes of Provincetown inspired me to show my work and create this website. 

My work is capturing a moment in time that is expressed through colors, lines, and textures.  I strive to express the feeling more than the realistic image of what I see. When I feel fully enveloped by the energy of the place I am painting...it clicks. I feel that I embrace the challenge, by being spontaneous, curious; I use the accidents as opportunities. I take risks while exploring and creating. My process is to go into a meditative space as I create.  I try to be a vessel of connection from my environment to the paper integrating myself, by weaving in my own feelings, as I am painting. 

Copyright 2013-2014. Erica S. Nazzaro. All Rights Reserved. 

On the water


my story

In the forest


Erica S. Nazzaro